Drug Offences

Drug Paraphernalia Defence Lawyers in Edmonton

In Edmonton, Alberta it is a crime to be in possession of illegal drugs, narcotics and controlled substances. It is also illegal to possess any tools, devices or instruments that may be used to take, ingest, inhale or inject those drugs, narcotics or substances. These charges are always taken seriously by the courts. Call the Edmonton’s drug crime lawyers at Haryett & Company for your free consultation today.

Types of Drug Paraphernalia

Any number of instruments, tools, household devices and everyday utensils can be considered drug paraphernalia by law enforcement officials. Everyday examples and the drugs they are used for are:

  • Wrapping/Rolling Papers (used to roll drugs into cigarette form)
  • Plastic Bags/Baggies (used to transport and deliver specific amounts of narcotics)
  • Scales (used to weigh drugs for sale/distribution)
  • Bongs (marijuana/hashish)
  • Bowls (marijuana/hashish)
  • Pipes (marijuana/hashish)
  • Spoons (heroin/crack cocaine)
  • Light Bulbs (crystal methamphetamine)
  • Syringes (heroin/anabolic steroids/performance enhancing drugs)

The Consequences of Conviction

The ramifications of a drug crime conviction are very difficult to escape and can haunt you years afterward. In the immediate future your freedom can be taken away. Your employability can be impacted, you may have trouble securing housing and your ability to continue your education may be effected. Let the experienced lawyers at Haryett & Company fight for your rights.

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