DUI & Impaired Driving

Edmonton Criminal Lawyers for Your Impaired Driving Defence

While the majority of impaired driving arrests involve drinking and driving, but it is increasingly common that DWI arrests illegal or prescription drugs as well. When a police officer suspects that a substance or condition is impairing your ability to operate a motor vehicle, you can be charged with a DUI or DWI offense. If you have been charged with such an offense, you will want an impaired driving lawyer in Edmonton. Call us to review your case. Haryett & Company has an established reputation in the Alberta courts as one of the premier Edmonton law offices that can help our clients continue their normal, everyday lives after DUI arrests. We are recognized for our successful defence against impaired driving charges with by employing the following approaches:

  • Challenging the legality of the traffic stop
  • Questioning the methods of determining sobriety
  • Cross-examining witness testimony and challenging the police investigation
  • Utilizing expert toxicologist testimony to undermine the Crown’s evidence
  • Employing challenges to laws, codes, statutes and legislation

Impacts of Impaired Driving Charges

  • Loss of license
  • A permanent criminal record
  • Termination of employment and career issues
  • Inhibited ability to work or care for children
  • Mandatory treatment programs, DUI classes
  • Car insurance premium increases
  • Immigration status issues

There is much room for error during the police investigation and testing, and our goal at Haryett & Company is to question and ultimately exclude the evidence against you. For effective representation against DUI and DWI charges, make an appointment to see us today.

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