Violent Offences

Secure Your Defence Against Felony Aggravated Assault in Edmonton

Haryett & Company is an established Edmonton law firm with the experienced defence lawyers you need to represent you in court. The potential penalties involved in an aggravated assault conviction, including fines, court-ordered treatment programs and significant prison time, indicate the importance of securing the best possible defence. Call us today for a free ½ hour consultation, and let us get working for you.

Protecting Your Right to Self-Defence

We have a tradition of defending clients who have found themselves having to defend against threats and physical harm during workplace violence and altercations at bars and nightclubs. Periods of high stress or the culmination of long-term animosity and/or harassment can result in assault in the workplace and employee/employer violence.

Getting a criminal sentence reduced on the grounds of a self-defence argument is complicated when it involves a nightclub or a bar. There are many mitigating factors that may lead someone to feel as though they need to defend themselves, but there are mitigating factors that can aid in the reduction or dismissal of a criminal assault charge including:

  • Door man/bouncer responsibilities
  • Provocation in bar fights
  • Over serving alcohol
  • Weapons in a night club
  • Metal detectors
  • Dress codes

If you have been arrested on an assault and battery charge, do not put everything you have worked for at risk; contact the aggressive and respected defence team at Haryett & Company today.

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