Violent Offences

Domestic Violence Lawyers Serving Edmonton & Surrounding Areas

If you have been arrested for aggravated assault or a weapons charge or other charges relating to domestic violence, you will need an assault lawyer on your side. Call us, the criminal defence lawyers at Haryett & Company in Edmonton. We have the experience you need to defend your rights at trial.

Pursuing Domestic Assault Charges

The Crown attorneys will vigorously prosecute domestic violence offences. Regardless of whether or not the harmed party wishes to pursue the legal action, the obligation of the Crown Prosecutor is to seek criminal sentencing for any domestic assault allegations.

Penalties for Domestic Assault

The Canadian criminal court system has prepared legal mechanisms that come into effect following domestic assault allegations in order to prevent the accused individual from contacting or residing with the alleged harmed party. If you are sentenced to jail time, you could be imprisoned for up to 14 years.

Settle Your Dispute with a Peace Bond Agreement

Allegations of domestic assault can be settled through a peace bond agreement between the accused and the complainant. Domestic assault charges become part of your permanent record. Don’t let the legal process to continue to the point of damaging your reputation. Peace bonds are not considered a finding of guilt, and criminal charges are withdrawn once the agreement is signed. You have options. The best course of action is to immediately retain a legal team that will fight for you. Let the experienced defence lawyers at Haryett & Company provide you with effective counsel.

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